A few months back I did review on L’Oréal’s pure clay face masks.  Recently, L’Oréal came out with cleansing gel versions, so I decided to try them out.  Like the masks, cleansing gels also came out in three different variations:

  • Detox and brighten – removes everyday impurities, skin appears more radiant.
  • Purify and mattify – removes excess oil from skin with matte finish.
  • Exfoliate and refine – exfoliate, unclog and minimize pores.

I mostly used Detox and brighten, because it suits more my skin type (dry, big pores and acne prone). I use it every day as part of my nighttime routine. I use Exfoliate and refine cleansing gel twice a week, to exfoliate my skin. The exfoliator is not rough on your skin so it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin.  🙂  Cleansing gels don’t leave your skin feeling tight after you use it. You know what I mean? Sometimes facewashes really dry out your skin and your skin feels so tight afterwards.  After I use those cleansers my skin felt clean and refreshed. Overall I would recommend these cleansers, just choose the one that suits your skin type. 🙂

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