For this outfit I combined jeans culottes with black and white shirt. To tided this look together I added black belt. I also wore black high ankle boots. This look is kind of casual, but not really. 🙂 Jeans are such a casual piece of clothing, but the minute you pair them with heels, the whole outfit looks more put together. 🙂 On a normal day I mostly wear jeans, because they are comfortable and you can pair them with everything.

These culottes are something different from what I usually wear, but It’s good to explore your style a little bit. Once my friend asked me what my style is, and I told her: »I don’t know, I like a lot of different things.«  I don’t thing is wrong, if you don’t have defined your style, people change trough time and so is our taste in the things we like.
These culottes remind me a lot, to the time when we were kids, and we wore bell bottom jeans, the wider the jeans were, the more we liked them.  🙂 Then the skinny jeans came into fashion and we trough those wide jeans away and filled our closets with only skinny jeans, thinking how could we ever wore those wide jeans. Who would have thought that wide jeans would come into fashion again? I guess every trend comes back some way or another.  🙂 Tell me what you think about wide jeans and bell bottom jeans. 🙂
Culottes: C&A (find similar HERE)
Shirt: H&M (find similar HERE)
Boots: EGO



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