It’s Friday! This week went by so fast, probably because it was a holiday in the middle of the week and we stayed home that day. If only we could have every Wednesday off. 🙂 For this look I wore button up denim skirt, that people usually wear in more warm weather, but I decided to wear it in the middle of the winter (for my defense it wasn’t that cold outside, and I also wore sheer tights underneath 🙂 ).  With that I also wore white vintage button up shirt, a longline grey coat and blue velvet boots to add some color to the outfit. When looking through the pictures I noticed that in some of them I have my hands in the fists, like I’m about to beat somebody. I swear I’m not! 🙂 🙂

Skirt: New Yorker

Coat: New Look

Boots: New Look

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