Today I styled orange suede skater skirt. I prefer wearing pants over skirts, so I don’t wear them often. I think when you wear skirt or even short dress, you have to be constantly fixing the skirt and watching out, that you don’t show too much.  The first time we shot a look involving a skater skirt with my friend Anastasija (check her out!), she told me to spin, so I spun and she was just laughing, then she said to me: can you spin more gracefully. Being graceful is definitely not me. 🙂 At least we had a good laugh out of it. 😀

With skirt I wore black turtle neck and faux leather jacket, for shoes I went with basic black boots with a little heel.









Photos taken by: Anastasija Kajba – anastasija.me

Skirt: New Yorker

Turtleneck: Lidl

Faux leather jacket: Lidl

Boots: New Yorker

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